Farmhouse Design Studio is a graphic design studio nestled in a tiny town of Sand Creek, WIsconsin. After years of working in the big city, we moved to the country to a have better life instead of long hours and dreadful commutes. 

Farmhouse Design Studio works with national and regional clients on branding, packaging, advertising and print. Like a good neighbor, I also partner with design firms and agencies when they need a helping hand. The fresh air breathes in a plethora of new ideas to bring your company's vision to life.

I take a humble approach to design. Design without attitude, I call it. I tend to veer toward beautiful, classic design that stays timeless. I adore beautiful script fonts and lovely photography. I also love to play with illustration when I get the chance as well. I love to brainstorm with others, work together and create. Some of my packaging has been on the shelf for over a decade.

With over 20 years of design experience working at various twin cities agencies, PR firms and small boutique shops, I have learned a thing or two. My work has been recognized by the AIGA Minnesota Design Show, AIGA 365, Graphic Design USA, Packaging World, PRSA and Communication Arts. However, my parents still have no idea what I do for a living. "I think she designs lagos " is what my mom often says. 

I have also served on the AIGA Minnesota Board, AIGA Design Camp Co-Chair, Minnesota 50/50 Book Show Chair, and many other committees serving the design community. In additional, I've also ran a t-ball league for 4-7 year olds for several years, been a Destination Imagination Judge, and currently serve as a Junior Girl Scout leader. However, my most important role is "mom."

Phone: 715.658.1861